Assessing Thinking Ability Is a Smart Move

Resumes and interviews often don’t tell you what you really need to know about a candidate. And developing high-potential talent can be difficult without a road map. How can you be sure you’re getting an accurate picture of a person’s strengths and weaknesses?

Assessments take the guesswork out of hiring & development decisions. Especially critical thinking assessments. That's because studies show that critical thinking is the foundation for virtually every workplace skill and ability. Hundreds of HR departments integrate Pearson’s talent assessments into their selection, development, retention and succession-planning programs—and have the successful leaders to show for it.

Pearson offers three innovative assessments to measure critical thinking and help individuals understand their thinking preference:

Assessments Are a Proven Tool

There is a strong predictability between general cognitive ability and job performance - as high as .51 and .58 in studies

Using assessments as a screening tool has proven to increase performance as well as reduce turnover by 30%

Hiring the wrong person typically costs an organization 150% of an employee’s salary

Using assessments has proven to increase the defensibility of a selection system