See More of the Individual With Watson Plus

If you’re evaluating and developing management potential, there’s no need to choose between a cognitive ability assessment and a personality test. Each paints an invaluable portrait of a job candidate or future leader—and when used together, a fuller picture of the individual emerges.

Combining Watson-Glaser™ + Golden Personality Type Profiler™

Combining Watson-Glaser II and Golden results offers managers, coaches and trainers a comprehensive picture of an individual. The Golden expands the information available from the Watson-Glaser II by providing insights on preferences related to decision-making and interpersonal style. It can be used to understand a wider range of activities and situations where employees are likely to succeed or benefit from development. For example, in a highly dynamic, fast-paced environment, it may be necessary to coach a potentially strong critical thinker who is tense under pressure to control their stress levels so that their critical thinking skills can shine through. Similarly, a highly extraverted, impulsive employee with low critical thinking skills may be coached to slow down and carefully think through issues before reacting. Learn more about the Golden Personality Type Profiler.

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Watson + Workplace Personality Inventory (for Selection)

While Watson-Glaser II tells you whether the person can do the job, Pearson’s Workplace Personality Inventory (WPI) tells you whether they will do the job. Learn more about WPI.

Watson + CPI 260® (for Selection or Development)

Critical thinking underlies many essential workplace skills, however to be effective at most jobs, employees need motivation and the ability to work with others. That's where the CPI 260® comes in. Learn more about the CPI 260®.

Watson + Raven's Progressive Matrices (for Global Selection)

While both tests provide insight about a person's reasoning ability (Watson measures deductive reasoning and Raven's measures inductive), the Raven's does not require familiarity with the English language. It's a non-verbal ability test. Learn more about Raven's.