Want to help your employees master effective thinking in their professional and personal lives?

Based on the book Now You’re Thinking! and the My Thinking Styles™ assessment, THINK Now!™ Training is the perfect half-day introduction to critical thinking that will engage and challenge employees to approach their work more effectively. Through inspiring storytelling, interactive exercises, and real-world examples, attendees will learn to master thinking skills that drive day-to-day decisions and problem solving.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the five-step critical thinking model and how to apply each step
  • Understand the seven thinking styles and your personal style
  • Apply your thinking style and the five-step model
  • Create a plan to incorporate these into a real decision
Key Components — Experience These In Our Half-Day Workshop!
Now You're Thinking! Book - Take the first step toward the success you desire—whether buying a new car, starting a business or looking to be a better parent—by learning effective thinking processes. Within the pages of Now You're Thinking! you will be inspired to change your thinking to change your life. Learn more.
My Thinking Styles™ Assessment - We all use a variety of thinking styles in our daily lives, but we tend to favor some at the expense of others. Participants will take our My Thinking Styles™ assessment beforehand and learn their most & least preferred style and how to use them more effectively. Learn more.
5 Steps to a New Thinking5 Steps to New Thinking – A model, like a recipe, helps you see the ingredients and steps for success. We will teach a five-step model that can become part of anyone’s thinking and help individuals organize important steps and information while thinking critically about a decision. Download the steps!
Ultimate Gaming Challenge – Complete the training experience by challenging yourself in our interactive game. A theft has taken place on the high seas in “Robbery on the R.E.D. Royale” and players follow the trail of a thief with the help of their RED critical thinking skills.

THINK Now! Testimonials

“Thank YOU! The most helpful part of the session for me was hearing again and again how everybody has different preferences yet they are all positive. As an Inquisitive Truth Seeker, it’s probably good to have that stressed to me as often as possible. It was also good to “come out” as a Truth Seeker and be reminded that being tactful and waiting for the right time to tell the truth (as I see it) is critical.” — Recent participant

"My favorite part was the breakout in groups to discuss each others results from the assessment. It allowed me to hear why others think the way they do and helped me understand the different styles a little better." — Recent participant

CT in Real Life

Researchers at Vanderbilt University found that cognitive ability predicted creativity, including number of patents produced.

Nurse educators with high scores on an assessment of critical thinking dispositions were the most likely to implement research knowledge into their daily practice.

Cognitive ability predicts negative on-the-job actions and outcomes for police officers, such as excessive use of force, racially offensive conduct, number of citizen complaints, and at-fault car accidents.

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